Frases que me he investado ultimamente / Phrases I've made up lately.

Sometimes I even surprise myself, I can be both smart and um... not smart [stupid]
A veces yo misma me sorprendo, yo puedo ser inteligente como no tan inteligente [estupida]

"Both stains and strokes become part of the masterpiece."

 "A Dios le gusta agregar dosis de incertidumbre a la sopa de la vida."

" Hoping tomorrow brings new answer, or if not new and interesting questions."

"La vida es una serie constante de costumbrarse desacostumbrarse acostumbrarse, si nos negamos a cambiar nos morimos."

"The past is past, the present is happening and the future is dynamic."

"Mind consistency,that's a myth, that happens when you're dead."

"I mess up, and I mess up really bad. I'm clumsy and dumb half of the time. Is this too hard to comprehend? I really hate expectations!!"



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