Another year, another change, another struggle.
Another laugh, another tear, another momento.
Wishing for more, then for less, having enough.
Realizing each day is more than the value of blood.

The value of air, the value of what´s free.
The worth of friends and of bonding sprees.
The virtue of knowing that family isn´t DNA.
But a bond that transcends all differences, and understands.

Understands that life is not a series of fights, 
that it doesn´t matter who wins the mosts contests.
But to love despite of the personalities, 
because I can´t take myself to seriously.

If I believe in myself I won´t spend my life in vain, 
Looking for shapes in the clouds and finding them, 
Seeing only the fly, instead of enjoying the soup.
Enjoy your soup, and know that there´s more where it came from.

Arrivederci 2010
Rebe :P
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