Caminar, Respirar, Observar.   Ser expectadora     Ser accionista      De mis sueño,      y de los tuyos.            Somos uno.   Todos somos interconexiones en lo abstracto de este universo que nos lleva.

hacia otros universos, que me jala a ti.       Universos que colapsan hasta transformarse     en un hoyo negro que substrae lo que somos    y expulsa lo que seremos.     Vomito cosmico soy.  Estrella fugaz en el juego de los dias.

Sabiendo la ironia de que aunque no juguemos, seguimos jugando.

Myriads and Hues

I can read your eyes,
as they approach me,
as I sleep-walk away from your shadow
Walking away from home,
Walking away from hope,
This hope that hunts my hovering hues of light.

As I run rapidly,
Resting as I roar my pain inside
Swiftly swimming downstream,
and waves softly whisper me to
Turn around and return.

Return to the base of myself,
and to those thoughts that used to,
Just used to, cause they don't anymore.
My mind is renewed, and a reset button is nowhere to be found.

What will I gain to regress, to decrease.
Who I am now is the product of who I was,
Who I thought I was and who I don't want to be,
Trapped inside the tornado of circumstances,
Just wouldn't want to find myself not quite myself.

Change is inevitable but small choices make you or break you, or both.
"Live and let live" is to be said,
Let us live embracing both the myriads of black, white and grey
We swim in, whether we notice them or not.